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Fellow Cricket enthusiasts, this is Asif Mujtaba. I have been playing cricket for a lifetime. I have been blessed to have played at all levels of cricket from the time of my youth in the streets of Karachi, to Pakistan National team at Test and ODI level. I have also been fortunate enough to spend an extended amount of time playing and coaching in England as professional cricketer (almost 23years). Currently, I reside in the United States and have decided to use my extensive cricket background, knowledge and experience to provide my fellow cricket lovers the same quality cricket/athletic gear that the professionals use, may demand in order to perform at the highest level. Thus, I am launching AA Sports.





We will provide the highest quality equipment from the helmet to shoes, and everything in between. We will specialize in providing Premium to top grade Quality bats (not to be found in every stores International quality English Willow), highest quality cricket balls, light yet sturdy protective gear and professionally adorned game uniforms (color and whites). Since I am putting my name behind the products offered by AA Sports, rest assured that I will stand behind each and every item sold by AA Sports and will ensure that nothing leaves AA Sports unless it is has met my high standard of quality.